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In the last few years, Berkshire has seen a steep rise in demand from homeowners looking for a roof cleaning service. Our professional roof cleaning contractors, all of whom are based in the county, will clean and seal roofs in Reading, Maidenhead, Windsor, Slough, Ascot, Wokingham, Newbury and all areas in between.

Cleaning roofs in Berkshire is what we specialise in. Our Smartseal Registered Installers are fully insured and can take care of all of the work for you. We can also provide the materials and application tools should you wish to do the work yourself, but understandably, nearly all of our customers take advantage of the full service as they don't want to be up on their roof!

Smartseal Roof Sealer provides a clear barrier which prevents fungal growths and dirt and grime from taking hold. Importantly, it has self cleaning properties because contaminants are washed away by rain. 

The big development in roof refurbishment in recent years has been the use of elastomeric roof coatings. The coatings come in various colour shades that can really transform the look of old roof tiles. The great thing about these coloured roof coatings is their 'flexibility', which prevents the tiles becoming brittle and enabling them to expand and contract naturally without cracks developing.

If the erection of a temporary scaffold is required to access particularly challenging roof lines then this will be installed a day or two prior to the main work of roof cleaning starting. If a tower scaffold or cherry picker is required to safely carry out the work then these will be arranged on the day. Find Out More

1. Moss, algae and lichen are pre-treated with a fungicidal wash.

2. The roof is then power washed using a professional petrol-engined cleaner.

3. Small repairs are taken care of, such as repairing mortar and replacing damaged tiles.

4. Roof Sealer or Roof Coating is then applied to provide a lasting barrier to contaminants

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• Help prevent the reappearance of moss and algae on roof tiles.

• Helps the roof tiles to 'self-clean' so the roof looks like new for much longer.

• Stops damp areas forming on the roof as it will dry much quicker when non-porous.

• Original colouring of roof tiles is enhanced, especially with the roof sealer.

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